Famous Last Words “Watch This!”……

Along long time ago there  was a timid  awkward 12 year old girl nicknamed Mouse. Her perfectionist mother took her to horseback riding lessons to build her confidence and of course live through her mothers fondest childhood dreams. So little Mouse tried to be the perfect rider she could be for her mother, because if Mouse had a choose she would be sitting in her room listening to NSYNC and Backstreet boys while googling at their poster’s covering every inch of her decorated pink Laura Ashley flowery room her mother decorated. This horse trainer happened to have several riding arenas outside and it was one of those hot humid midwest days. Mouse hated riding because her glasses would keep sliding down her nose with the sweat and the caked on makeup borrowed from her mother was sweating off her red and pimply face. After being critiqued for an hour in the hot summer afternoon to sit up straighter, have hands more steadier, chin up eyes forward and magically stop bouncing around like a mad rabbit, Mouse finally got to take a break. Her mother wanted to talk to the trainer in private, probably to ponder up the next purple and teal rhinestone custom fitted suede outfit that would have her standing out in the riding competitions like a confused awkward beauty pageant contender. Mouse saw a spot where she wanted to take her horse to cool down that was far far away from where the mother and trainer were strategizing their evil wardrobe plans. While riding her horse in the back pasture, Mouse started day dreaming about the hottest blond haired blue eyed boy band member, Justin Timberlake from NSYNC. She must have gotten quite distracted in her thoughts of making out with Justin Timberlake that she wasn’t quite all there. Mouse sadly snapped back to reality and got bored staring at the wooden fence as she rode her horse slowly along it. A shiny glimmer caught her eye and she saw this little metal like line running across the top of the fence. She couldn’t figure out why someone would put a metal looking string across the fence. She had always ridden in air conditioned buildings so this was a strange sight to see. So she looked around to see if her mother and trainer were any where in sight and thought to herself, watch this mother. She reached out to the strange metal line and hesitated for a split second. She didn’t want to be seen because her mother would think she was losing it and would need to go speak to a doctor about acting abnormal. Mouse got a shot of courage and went for it. She soon realized everything comes with a price. This one came with an excruciating jolting shock which not only ran through her body but the horse she was riding. The shocked horse kicked her off and bolted back toward where the mom and trainer were talking. When Mouse came back to her surroundings and found her glasses in the muddy spot she fell into, she cringed at the site of the horse running around in circles and her mother and trainer running toward her. When her mother demanded to know what happened, all Mouse could say in her shaky squeaky voice was “I was looking in the other direction and the horse must have touched the electric fence with it’s nose.” The mother glared at the trainer and asked, “Why do I pay you to have my Daughter falling off the horse. She’s not going to be ready for her next competition.”


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