Hobby number one-check!

This has been the first week that I have made a goal and actually followed through!!! I notice when I find something that I want to do and I know I am passionate about, I will do anything to not make it happen. I was in a car accident a year ago and every doctor I went to would ask me what I like to do for fun. I would sit there and really try to think of any hobbies that I had and my only answer was that I was too busy with working so much I didn’t have time for hobbies. Oh and I would say going to the gym was a hobby. That really got me thinking…. Life is to short to push away your goals that you want to accomplish and there will always be obstacles in the way. At that point it made me very determined to have some hobbies for once in my life. I couldn’t always keep falling back on ‘the work’ excuse or activities I use to do when I was a kid. I put all my determination in writing down everything that I ever wanted to do. And writing was my first choice. I believe writing in my journal every day when I was a kid helped me get through bad times with family and school. It was the only way I knew how to express myself. That white piece of paper invited me to share everything that I was feeling. So here I am waking up at 4:30 every morning and sitting down and writing. To some people waking up early comes naturally HA, it is nearly impossible to get me to wake up early.This is a HUGE achievement for me and I’m pretty darn impressed with myself. If you have a goal make the time for yourself. It will make you feel so much better! I’m excited to share my past and future experiences with people and grow my knowledge in writing. So far I’ve learned that trying to write something funny turns out disastrous 🙂 but I will find my funny bone one day…


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