Daily Prompt: Give me a stranger

I would want a stranger to be my biographer. Compared with a family member or close friend, the stranger would give you the raw description of who you really are and not who they know you to be. They wouldn’t be concerned with hurting your feelings or exaggerating your experiences. There would be no bias and only truth.


Quirky and proud

I was driving to work yesterday and I couldn’t help but realize that I have a lot of thoughts running through my mind. I start daydreaming about the most random things that are quite peculiar at times. I remember not too long ago this creativity that has been emerging scared me. I didn’t think it was normal to dream up stories or build fictional characters from nothing. Who knows it still might not be the so-called ‘norm’ to some people but in my pursuit of imperfection, I’m accepting that I am great at festering random things in my mind. Is this how you know your meant to be a writer? Now I understand embracing this uniqueness is quite exciting and I can’t believe I was embarrassed for so long about it. I am embarking on a new journey of life and learning who I am. Lesson learned: don’t be scared of your abilities, embrace them and learn from them.