My Story

I have lived pretty much my whole life trying to be perfect and making other people happy with me was my biggest goal. I started realizing that while others loved being around me, I was unhappy with hanging out with myself. I was negative when others weren’t around and I made excuses for everything. At times I was shocked there could even be an excuse for something so small. I was so wrapped up in trying to look perfect, act perfect, talk perfect, have the perfect house, cloths, cars and the list could go on and on. So then I started thinking of why I started on this kick of perfectionism which left me more frustrated then relived. I woke up one day and saw that I literally had frozen my life and some could say wasted 9 YEARS after I turned 18 to conforming to others wants and needs. That is almost a decade! So I am here now making it my goal every day to be completely unique and unperfect in every way. I’ve realized I’m quite querky and am very talented and love being passionate about writing, painting, designing, cooking, singing, playing the piano and many more things. It’s is pretty cool to not do what others want of you and live your life the way you want it to be lived. I am on this journey of being an unperfect girl in this crazy world and hope I can inspire others to follow their dreams no matter how big or how small they might be. And by all means if you think it’s silly then go for it and enjoy others reactions. The pursuit of imperfection has enlivened me to love me for who I am and not what others want me to be.


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